Oct. 27 GCIR Webinar: Gearing Up for the Immigration Reform Debate

Tuesday, October 27th, 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 Noon Pacific Time

Given the challenges of moving health care reform forward, implementing a strong and broad-based field strategy for immigration reform has become vital. Immigrant rights advocates, lawmakers, and other key stakeholders have been meeting around the country to discuss the principles that will guide the drafting of immigration reform legislation this fall. read more >>

Project Vote Releases Assessment on 2009 Federal Election Legislation Threats and Opportunities

With the final Congressional session of 2009 underway, voting rights attorney Estelle Rogers and Project Vote Research Associate Erin Ferns assess the potential dangers or gains represented by omnibus election legislation and other proposed election reforms currently being considered in both houses.

You can download the memo more >>

"A User's Guide to Advocacy Evaluation Planning" Released by Harvard Family Research Project

The Harvard Family Research Project has just released A User's Guide to Advocacy Evaluation Planning, a tool developed for advocates, evaluators, and funders who want guidance on how to evaluate advocacy and policy change efforts. The User's Guide takes you through four basic steps that generate the core elements of an advocacy evaluation plan, including what will be measured and how.

This tool will help you:

Oct 29: DC Voting Rights - A Funders’ Briefing on the Impact of Voting Rights in Congress for DC Residents

Nearly 600,000 Washington, DC, residents pay federal taxes, fight in wars and serve on juries, yet have no vote in Congress. Because of the hard work of DC Vote and 85 local and national coalition partners, DC is at the precipice of achieving full voting rights in the House of Representatives. In order to end taxation without representation, a national strategy and action plan is necessary because Congress – with no full voting representative from DC – has the power to grant DC voting more >>

Oct 28: "Openness or Secrecy in Government: What Now?" briefing presented by Philanthropy NY Members

The 2008 elections brought a surge of enthusiasm and interest in government. The new Administration has made a public commitment to openness and transparency, and has taken important steps in that direction, particularly in the disclosure of data and in engagement of the public in discussing policy formation. At the same time as there are new opportunities, there is much to be undone. This undoing is happening rapidly in some areas and much more slowly (if at all) in more >>

New Research Tracks Impact of Investment from Foundations in Advocacy and Organizing in Minnesota's Communities

September 30, 2009

When foundations and other donors in Minnesota provided funding to 15 nonprofits to bring about systemic, long-term change, Minnesota's citizens and communities benefited from a return on that investment of $138 for every dollar more >>

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